Artexpo New York City

Washington, DC’s Gallery NK has been representing me at special art fairs outside of town. I was one of a handful of their artists to exhibit at Artexpo New York City on pier 94.  Held during April 14-17, the event drew designers, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

I very much like the way Gallery NK displayed a selection of my new Corrected Vision paintings — all 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas.  Because the gallery boasts a collection of very talented, skilled, and innovative artists from around the world, I consider myself fortunate to be showcasing my own work with them.


Gallery NK at Artexpo New York City

In addition to myself, exhibiting artists included Steffen Faisst, Nihal Kececi (Gallery NK owner), Julia Hacker, Alfredo Palmero, Thomas Dodd.

My thanks to Nihal Kececi of Gallery NK for the support and expert assistance in exhibiting at these world class international fairs.

Just a reminder:

Susan Calloway Fine Arts represents me exclusively in the Washington, DC area. 

Located in the heart of Georgetown at 1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC, the Gallery graciously welcomes my exhibiting in other local venues from time to time for special exhibits.  She also has arranged for some artwork to be used temporarily by local decorators. 

Bottom line, you can see a number of my pieces right now at Susan Calloway’s.   And, many of the paintings on my website and on this blog are available through Susan Calloway Fine Arts (


Susan Calloway Fine Arts Showcasing “Inner/Outer”

scfastorefrontlastweekIn Georgetown, Susan Calloway Fine Arts has been featuring my solo exhibit Inner/Outer this September and October. Lots of media buzz from the Washington Post’s Mark Jenkins and Ari Post writing for The Georgetowner.

A few words about the show.  Drips, re-stated lines, contrasting color and visible brushwork all help convey the tension and ambiguity that form my signature style.  In approaching the subject of the face and the human body, I respond to the feelings behind the facade to suggest resolve, fear, pride, frailty or other emotion. My goal is to suggest a kind of chaos that invites viewers to make their own interpretation.  These paintings might best  be described as coping with turmoil…Like modern life.


The Georgetowner Art Critic Review


Lovely review by The Georgetowner’s Ari Post of “Inner/Outer” at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC.

Washington Post Review of “Inner/Outer”


Nice review of my exhibit at Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington, DC.  The exhibit remains on view until October 20 – drop by.

Opening Reception – “Inner/Outer”

Artist Leslie Nolan With Marily Mojica at Susan Calloway Fine Arts Opening

Artist Leslie Nolan With Marily Mojica at Susan Calloway Fine Arts Opening

The opening of Inner/Outer at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Georgetown brought out a lively, varied crowd on this special September evening.  The show garnered interest from Ari Post writing for The Georgetowner, as well as, Mark Jenkins for the Washington Post.

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Gallerist Susan Calloway and friends

Gallerist Susan Calloway and friends



Susan Calloway Fine Arts Presents “Inner/Outer”

"Getting Somewhere"  48"x48" acrylic on canvas by Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist

“Getting Somewhere”
48″x48″ acrylic on canvas by Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist

This week I deliver 10 new paintings to Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC for my first solo exhibit,at this gallery, Inner/Outer.  Packed up and ready for the 1/2 hour drive to the gallery, these canvases were specifically painted for this show and carefully selected by Susan Calloway herself.  The show, all figurative work, depicts what is felt rather than what is seen.  Each figure caught in a private moment of personal awareness suggests vulnerability — perhaps the essence of what it means to be human.

Like all my work, drips, re-stated lines, contrasting color and visible brushwork help convey tension and ambiguity.

The piece above, “Getting Somewhere,” was inspired by a photo I took a few years ago of a group of Italian teenagers on a field trip to some Roman ruins in Southern Italy.  This young man was passing behind several teenage girls, affecting a very nonchalant pose while subtly aware of the girls’ presence.  I just love his body language.

Stop by the gallery and join us for the free opening reception or check out the show any time.


Sept 16 – Oct 19

Susan Calloway Fine Arts

1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20007–202.965.4601–

Opening Reception Friday September 18th, 6-8 pm