Seduction + Gallery Talk

Yesterday’s Gallery Talk


Artist Leslie Nolan with Gallery Director Twig Murray and Dr Erich Keel, retired Kreeger Museum art educator and historian

Lovely turnout with lively discussion at the Gallery Talk for my solo exhibit Seduction at Athenaeum Gallery.  Athenaeum is the jewel in the crown for the Northern Virginia Fine Arts Association. A beautiful, grand historic building that survived the Civil War as an army hospital, it is situated in the heart of Old Town Alexandria, VA, two blocks from the Potomac River from where you can see the Washington DC skyline.

How did this exhibit come about?  I had approached Gallery Director Twig Murray about exhibition opportunities, and she promptly dropped by the studio to see for herself.  Immediately falling in love with the massive pink and gray painting of a face (60″x96″ “Pulled By What Would Be”), she then and there offered me a solo for the following year.

Two months ago, Twig selected the rest of the artwork, including, to my delight, several recently completed paintings.  Artists always favor what they’ve just completed, because they’re moving forward, growing, changing.  It’s great when a gallerist encourages innovation, taking a risk, so to speak, on something different.

Stop by and catch the show, on exhibit through September 17.  Co-sponsored by Susan Calloway Fine Arts, Washington DC.

Artexpo New York City

Washington, DC’s Gallery NK has been representing me at special art fairs outside of town. I was one of a handful of their artists to exhibit at Artexpo New York City on pier 94.  Held during April 14-17, the event drew designers, collectors, and art enthusiasts.

I very much like the way Gallery NK displayed a selection of my new Corrected Vision paintings — all 36″x36″ acrylic on canvas.  Because the gallery boasts a collection of very talented, skilled, and innovative artists from around the world, I consider myself fortunate to be showcasing my own work with them.


Gallery NK at Artexpo New York City

In addition to myself, exhibiting artists included Steffen Faisst, Nihal Kececi (Gallery NK owner), Julia Hacker, Alfredo Palmero, Thomas Dodd.

My thanks to Nihal Kececi of Gallery NK for the support and expert assistance in exhibiting at these world class international fairs.

Just a reminder:

Susan Calloway Fine Arts represents me exclusively in the Washington, DC area. 

Located in the heart of Georgetown at 1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington, DC, the Gallery graciously welcomes my exhibiting in other local venues from time to time for special exhibits.  She also has arranged for some artwork to be used temporarily by local decorators. 

Bottom line, you can see a number of my pieces right now at Susan Calloway’s.   And, many of the paintings on my website and on this blog are available through Susan Calloway Fine Arts (


Curator Erich Keel’s Remarks at Arts Club of Washington

ArtsClubCuratorComments.intro.Nov. 7.2014.pdf_[fw6567]ArtsClubCuratorComments.intro.Nov. 7.20142.pdf_[fw6567]

Dr Erich Keel is Head of Education at the Kreeger Museum (Emeritus) in Washington, DC and a well-known curator.

See this show at The Arts Club of Washington, 2017 I St NW, Washington, DC through November 29, 2014.

Arts Club of Washington Opening

Washington Post Notice

Washington Post Notice

Leslie Nolan Exhibit

Leslie Nolan Exhibit


Leslie M. Nolan Artist Remarks at Arts Club of Washington With Curator Erich L. Keel Third From Left

Leslie M. Nolan Artist Remarks at Arts Club of Washington With Curator Erich L. Keel Third From Left

Had an interesting and fun November 7 opening for my show of 13 artworks at The Arts Club of Washington.  President James Monroe occupied this gorgeous, stately, historic residence and held the inaugural ball upstairs. It is a Washington, DC gem.  Curator Erich L. Keel, Head of Education at the Kreeger Museum (Emeritus), made remarks and I had an opportunity to say a few words, too, along with fellow exhibitors Bob Tetro and Jane Godfrey.  Hard to tell from these photographs, but it was a huge turnout.

My thanks to the ever-gracious Gallery Director Nichola Hays for her support and expertise. The exhibit is open to the public through November 29. Check it out:

2017 I Street, NW, Washington, DC.

Telephone:  202.331.7282 ext 4




Exhibiting at The Arts Club of Washington

Leslie Nolan at the Arts Club of Washington

Leslie Nolan at the Arts Club of Washington

This weekend I’m installing an exhibit at the venerable Arts Club of Washington.  Curated by Erich Keel, Head of Education at the Kreeger Museum (Emeritus), the show includes fellow artists Jane Godfrey and Bob Tetro.  This should be a big show.  Gallery Director Nichola Hays advised me to bring 20 artworks – that’s a lot of artwork, particularly since many pieces are 48″ x 60″.

Opening Reception – Friday Nov 7, 2014 – 6:30-8:30 pm – soft drinks, wine, snacks