Inner/Outer @ Susan Calloway Fine Arts

Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan's "Choose To Walk Here" 36"x36"x2 1/2" acrylic on canvas

Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan’s
“Choose To Walk Here”
36″x36″x2 1/2″ acrylic on canvas

In focusing on figurative paintings, I have been hinting primarily at emotions largely hidden in real life.  This theme involves depicting what is felt rather than what is seen.  In this new work the subject has been caught in a private moment of personal awareness.  He claims his space, but remains alert.  There and not there.

Inner/Outer, the title for my upcoming exhibition at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC, will feature this painting.  It exemplifies the tone of the show.  While distinct, each canvas suggests a kind of chaos which has just occurred, which could occur, or which is occurring.  The outer facade may appear calm and controlled, yet the inner reality seethes with passion – courage, tenacity, rage, confusion, vulnerability, etc.  Is that what it means to be human?

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