“Inner/Outer” at Susan Calloway Fine Arts

"Long Interval" Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan

“Long Interval”
Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan

Part of my solo exhibit with Susan Calloway Fine Arts this month, “Long Interval” exemplifies the reason I love to paint.  Fluid, gestural brushstrokes, bold color, rich paint, and loose construction all hint at a feeling of a place and time.  Whether anticipation or regret, relaxation or tension, the image of this figure conveys an ambiguous moment.  Each of us can narrate a different, but credible story for this painting.  It depends on our own unique perspective and life experiences.

Susan Calloway Fine Arts Presents “Inner/Outer”

"Getting Somewhere"  48"x48" acrylic on canvas by Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist

“Getting Somewhere”
48″x48″ acrylic on canvas by Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist

This week I deliver 10 new paintings to Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC for my first solo exhibit,at this gallery, Inner/Outer.  Packed up and ready for the 1/2 hour drive to the gallery, these canvases were specifically painted for this show and carefully selected by Susan Calloway herself.  The show, all figurative work, depicts what is felt rather than what is seen.  Each figure caught in a private moment of personal awareness suggests vulnerability — perhaps the essence of what it means to be human.

Like all my work, drips, re-stated lines, contrasting color and visible brushwork help convey tension and ambiguity.

The piece above, “Getting Somewhere,” was inspired by a photo I took a few years ago of a group of Italian teenagers on a field trip to some Roman ruins in Southern Italy.  This young man was passing behind several teenage girls, affecting a very nonchalant pose while subtly aware of the girls’ presence.  I just love his body language.

Stop by the gallery and join us for the free opening reception or check out the show any time.


Sept 16 – Oct 19

Susan Calloway Fine Arts

1643 Wisconsin Avenue NW, Washington DC 20007–202.965.4601–callowayart.com

Opening Reception Friday September 18th, 6-8 pm