Revisiting “Outliers” @ Caton Merchant Gallery

Outliers1blog A few years ago the gracious Anna Mish, Director at Caton Merchant Family Gallery in Manassas, Virginia, favored me with a solo exhibit at her wonderful space in this charming and historic town.  Reprising here some scenes from that show, “Outliers.”

Outliersblog7 Outliersblog8outliers6 Outliersblog9  joseph2blogThe model with the artwork “Dis Six”

IMG_8325Gallery Director Anna Mish giving a personal tour for collectors

Corrected Vision #2

Corrected Vision #2 by Washington, DC Artist Leslie M. Nolan

Corrected Vision #2
Washington, DC Artist
Leslie M. Nolan

One of three paintings in a series, Corrected Vision #2 relates to how we see the world and how the world sees us.  There is more than what is known through the eye.  Body language, scent, gentleness or violence all inform the real person behind the facade.

The great George Bridgman of the Art Students’ League in New York asserted, “The difference in drawing is in what you sense, not what you see.  There is other than that which lies on the surface.”  While Bridgman no doubt referred to musculature and skeletal structure, I expand the interpretation of his comments to mean the substance of who we are – our heart and soul.

I know some say the eyes are the windows to the soul, but I like to think that our minds — our ability to feel and connect — really count.


Working In The Studio


Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist, Working In the Studio

Leslie Nolan, Washington, DC Artist, Working In the Studio

Getting a workout painting this 72″ x 84″ canvas.  Up and down on the step ladder, mixing large batches of paint, and wielding wide brushes — all part of a vigorous day.  When finished, this piece will form a key visual element in my upcoming solo at Delaplaine Visual Arts Education Center, Frederick, MD.  The main gallery space is huge, with high ceilings to easily accommodate this big boy.

Hope you can see the completed painting and join us for the opening reception on September 5, 2015, 3-5 pm.  Exhibit dates September 5-27. 

I am represented by Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC.


Inner/Outer @ Susan Calloway Fine Arts

Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan's "Choose To Walk Here" 36"x36"x2 1/2" acrylic on canvas

Washington, DC Artist Leslie Nolan’s
“Choose To Walk Here”
36″x36″x2 1/2″ acrylic on canvas

In focusing on figurative paintings, I have been hinting primarily at emotions largely hidden in real life.  This theme involves depicting what is felt rather than what is seen.  In this new work the subject has been caught in a private moment of personal awareness.  He claims his space, but remains alert.  There and not there.

Inner/Outer, the title for my upcoming exhibition at Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Washington, DC, will feature this painting.  It exemplifies the tone of the show.  While distinct, each canvas suggests a kind of chaos which has just occurred, which could occur, or which is occurring.  The outer facade may appear calm and controlled, yet the inner reality seethes with passion – courage, tenacity, rage, confusion, vulnerability, etc.  Is that what it means to be human?

Opening for “Beyond the Edge” at Art League Gallery!!

Leslie Nolan Solo Exhibit at The Art League Gallery

Leslie Nolan Solo Exhibit at The Art League Gallery


Just delivered and unpacked artwork for this exciting solo appearance at the venerable Art League Gallery. Opening tomorrow, Oct 9, 6-8 pm.  Free and open to the public.  Drop by and join in on the festivities. Wine, cheese, and sparkling conversation!

Many thanks to Gallery Director Rose O’Donnell and Assistant Director Katie Andril (and her predecessor Katie Scharma) for their top-notch support throughout the two-year process of submission, jurying, acceptance, selection of artwork, and installation.  It’s an honor to be there.