Installation at Susan Calloway Fine Arts

Leslie Nolan (right) with Susan Calloway, owner of Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Georgetown

Leslie Nolan (right) with Susan Calloway, owner of Susan Calloway Fine Arts in Georgetown

Yesterday we delivered ten beautiful, new paintings to Susan Calloway Fine Arts (SCFA) for my first solo exhibit at the gallery.  Susan thoughtfully had a full staff on hand to unpack and hang all the artwork.  Next thing I knew, one of my pieces was hanging front and center in the window overlooking Wisconsin Avenue – – it looks quite fine there.

It’s great to work with supportive and gracious professionals.  The gallery staff really know their business and have a great eye for matching the perfect artwork with their client’s tastes and desires.  It’s an honor to be associated with SCFA.  And, a thrill to have a big show there.

Inner/Outer by Leslie Nolan at Susan Calloway Fine Arts, 1643 Wisconsin Avenue, Washington, DC in the heart of Georgetown on exhibit now.  Opening reception September 18th, 6-8 pm.

There’s A Limit

"There's A Limit" 36"x36" acrylic on canvas by Leslie M. Nolan

“There’s A Limit”
36″x36″ acrylic on canvas
by Washington, DC Artist Leslie M. Nolan

Dropped by Susan Calloway Fine Arts over the weekend and caught the lively action of the annual French Market, outdoors along the sidewalks of Georgetown’s Book Hill neighborhood.  Good food, shopping bargains, and musicians right at Susan’s doorstep.  Ran into friend and fabulous jazz bassist Bhagwan Khalsa who was playing with a group across Wisconsin Avenue.

I had just begun this artwork and was affected by the vibrancy of the street to return to the studio to crank up the color quotient.  The results speak volumes.  Neutrals always make  colors next to them stand out, and that’s the case here, although orange and magenta are pretty bold no matter what’s next to them.  Can you discern a fondness for orange…

This artwork will form part of my solo exhibit at Susan Calloway in September 2015.